Improving a town centre

The Witham Town Team, made up of town and district council representatives, local businesses and other stakeholders, identified the need for investment and intervention in Witham town centre to broaden its appeal to the wider community and secure its future as a local service centre. studio | REAL, working with economic and transport consultants prepared a strategy that identified a range of interventions and coordinated their delivery to maximise the regeneration benefit to Witham town centre.

A key proposition of the strategy was to re-establish the medieval market square as space fit for accommodating people and activities, including a quality street market. A further package of proposals sought to widen the appeal of the recreation ground and improve its connections with the high street. It was also demonstrated how a phased approach to the redevelopment of a 60’s shopping centre could revive and reconnect a run-down area of the town centre.


Braintree District Council

Town centre strategy and investment plan

22,500 (and rising)