Restoring a waterfront town

Penryn’s waterfront has retained its working heritage and character but many of its inherent qualities and assets have been compromised by insensitive rebuilding, general disrepair and car-dominated streets. In addition, key sites remained undeveloped.

We were commissioned to provide a detailed development framework which would help shape a comprehensive approach to the future improvement of the area.

We understood that the redevelopment might carry a risk of losing the area’s unique features and identity. Therefore, during building-by-building site surveys, we used a conservation approach to assess individual buildings, considering both their architectural value as well as their contribution to the character of the waterfront.

This resulted in a detailed development framework which recommended buildings to be retained, refurbished and redeveloped, as well as citing opportunities to improve the public realm. The development framework also provided the information required by Penryn Town Council to seek funding and investment.


Penryn Town Council

Development framework