Extending a town centre

Didcot is a designated New Growth Point and plays an important role in the economic development of the South Oxfordshire region. It therefore needs a town centre that reflects its position and raises civic pride.

We were commissioned to prepare a masterplan for the extension of the town centre that would transform the current area from a predominantly functional destination to a place to visit and enjoy.

Our approach was to ensure that the town integrated well with the surrounding neighbourhoods. Using digital and physical models, we used serial vision (a sequence of key views along a street) to optimise the configuration of streets, spaces and building heights. This technique helped us to satisfy the developer’s requirements to internalise views and maximise the prominence of the anchor department store, and support Didcot’s need for a mixed-use quarter that would feel connected to the town.


South Oxfordshire
District Council and
Hammerson plc


Currently 25,000, set to grow to 43,000 by 2026

Proposed land uses
Approx 20,000 m² retail, approx 3,000m² A3 uses, 250-500 dwellings, leisure, library