Revitalising a community

At the centre of the London Mayor’s policies for sustainable suburbs are healthy town centres which are the heart of the community. It’s therefore important to engage the community when seeking to regenerate any town centre.

When we were commissioned to prepare a plan to revitalise Barkingside high street and strengthen local identity, we used a variety of techniques to involve local groups. Sketch ideas were presented to focus groups comprising a variety of community representatives; young people manipulated models at the local youth club; shoppers shared ideas over pie and mash and discussed sketches at interactive workshops.

The outcome was a series of creative ideas to resolve issues within the town centre, and improved relations between the Council and the community about their approach to regeneration.


London Borough of Redbridge

High street regeneration

Retail / services (A1 & A2)
138 units / 21,290 m²

Pubs / cafés / restaurants (A3, A4 & A5)
22 units / 3,030 m²

Pedestrian flow
Peak: 260 pedestrians / hour
Typical: 100-150 pedestrians / hour