Creating a town centre transport hub

The Urban Development Framework produced for Yeovil identified significant opportunities for improvements in the area around the town’s bus station. We were subsequently asked by South Somerset District Council to develop options for the relocation or redevelopment of the bus station to create an attractive transport hub.

Working with transport consultants, Colin Buchanan, we concluded that the bus station should remain at its present location. We illustrated how reorganisation of the bus stops and station facilities would result in a more accessible and attractive transport hub and release land for the extension of the adjacent shopping centre.

We also demonstrated how the combination of site redevelopment and public realm improvements could improve this isolated and run-down part of Yeovil, bringing it back into the fabric of the town.

As transport hubs are important public spaces it’s essential to balance their main purpose with their pedestrian use and the quality of their environment.


Yeovil Vision, South Somerset District Council, Somerset County Council and Eagle Star Properties

Urban development framework

Public transport
11 bus stops and associated facilities

Retail floor space
1,000 m² site released for retail expansion