Most settlements have a unique chroma derived from the use of local building materials. Today, the choice of colour within our built environment tends to be arbitrary and often fails to acknowledge the unique colour palette of individual towns and villages.

Using the methodology of colour theorist Jean Philippe Lenclos, and often working with artist, the late Tom Porter, we have produced colour palettes for many of the towns and new neighbourhoods on which we have worked.

The intention is to replace subjective colour choices in the built environment with objective choices which promote local distinctiveness and help instil a sense of place.

We take accurate colour samples from building fragments and local soils to create separate palettes for elevations, roofscapes and fl oorscapes, and highlight colours for building openings and street furniture. These palettes are informed by traditional colours in an area and also current perceptions of meaning in colour.


East Hertfordshire District Council, Cherwell District Council, Corporation of London, Newhall Projects Ltd, Thonock and Somerby Estates and others

Local distinctiveness, colour and material