City edge regeneration

This project was one of twelve pilot schemes promoted by central government to promote ‘Quality in Town and Country’. Worcester City Council commissioned us to prepare an urban design framework for the area between the medieval walls and the River Severn, an area which included a disused cattle market and a former hospital site.

The proposals sought to improve the connections between the city centre and the river by re-establishing the fading medieval street pattern and create a new ‘frontage’ to the city. Wasteland along the river was used to create new parkland and also accommodate seasonal flooding. The plan had the potential to introduce a new bridge crossing, and strengthen links from across the river to the city centre. The mixed-use scheme maximised riverside property values and extended city commercial and leisure activities to the riverside.

We also prepared Supplementary Planning Guidance which informs the detailed development of this area.


Worcester City Council, Worcester Quality Partnership and the Department of the Environment

A new riverside quarter

66,000 m² new residential and mixeduse development, re-use of former Worcester Royal Infirmary site, new park