Topography and urban form

A major landowner in Gainsborough, Thonock and Somerby Estates, commissioned us to prepare a spatial plan for the growth of the town in conjunction with West Lindsey District Council. The plan was used as an integral part of the council’s bid for Growth Point status.

Gainsborough lies on the eastern banks of the River Trent and the historic town sits within the flood plain. To assist the analysis of the landform and to test development options, we used 3D digital terrain modelling. Landform analysis is important to the early identification of the opportunities and constraints associated with developing a location and has an important role to play in successful spatial planning.

Using this technique, amongst others, we established that the growth of the town would be best accommodated within three new neighbourhoods, sitting on intermediate land and bounded by wooded uplands.

The subsequent bid for Growth Point status was successful.


Thonock and Somerby Estates

Spatial plan for the growth of the town

17,500 existing, 36,000 planned within the new Growth Point

8,500 homes and supporting amenities in three new neighbourhoods over 240 hectares

Green infrastructure
120 hectares

New ‘Greenway’ for public transport