We have witnessed first-hand the consensus, passion and enthusiasm that can be generated when stakeholders and the local community are able to understand and contribute to the future shape and development of their cities and towns. Effective planning exercises and strategies emerge best through an active engagement at the local level.

We identify what collaborative events are best for a proposal. In Gainsborough, we worked closely with key stakeholders and the community to produce a spatial plan to support their bid for Growth Point status. In Rotherham, our masterplan and design codes emerged through our design leadership and facilitation at stakeholder and community planning events.

We have our own creative process and working methodologies and we are proud of the ability they have to enable local people to express opinions, issues, knowledge and define solutions that are in the interest of the wider community.


Inception, brainstorming, small focus groups and stakeholders

Community planning
Events that get all parties involved

Study tours
‘Seeing is believing’ tours to inspire

Steering group
The essential core group to keep things moving