Rebalancing town planning

August 2020

Rebalancing town planning

Article for the RTPI publication ‘The Planner’ putting the case for a more pro-active approach to local plans; the current planning system does not encourage a visionary approach where communities can explore three-dimensional options for the future of their towns. The article is in response to the government’s White Paper on planning reform:

“This ‘call for sites’ approach to each local plan kicks the design can down the road as something that can be considered later when planning applications come forward. Unfortunately, at least half of the design decisions will have been taken inadvertently: how well connected the site is will determine the dominant mode of transport; the street pattern that will emanate from limited points of access; the lack of mixed-use development that would be viable from such a street pattern and the uniform character of development that often results from such a layout.”

Fit for purpose? 'Rebalancing' planning can create distinctive places | The Planner